Correct Wear is refined design, quality materials and comfortable fits. Through superior manufacturing and attention to detail, we focus on form, function and utility. We execute this with creative and artistic design, creating clean-cut and classic Correct Wear.

We create quality products for The Four Divisions of Correct Wear. 
Streets, Outdoors, Workshop & Sports.

These four divisions are classic street wear, outer wear, work wear and sports wear. This is symbolical in our logo that is encompassed by the ‘C’.

Streets: From our home in Melbourne, we are influenced by the vast diversities of our multicultural landscape. The Streets division pays homage to classic US youth fashion silhouettes of the late 80’s and early 90’s with a contemporary design. Inspired by the love of Music, Skateboarding and Graffiti the Streets Division is clothing made for the city hustle.

Outdoors: Growing up down on Victoria's coastline, we are connected to the wild and colder elements of our rugged southern homeland. Growing up surfing, snowboarding, camping & fishing we love the natural environments that inspire us to explore outdoors. These garments & accessories are suited for outdoor adventures and environments. 

Workshop: Correct Workshop is a hands on project in collaboration with Artists and Craftsmen in studio’s and workshops. The result is classic work wear with artistic detailing. Our goal is to create classic work wear silhouettes that showcase works by Painters, Illustrators, Photographers, Carpenters and other Specialist Craftsmen & women. The results are carefully crafted pieces, designed to inspire D.I.Y. creativity and products designed to be worn when creating. 

Sports: Born out of an admiration for historical and modern day athletes, the Correct Sports®️ division aims to inspire, improve and innovate. We hope to support our community and enrol others in active and positive lifestyles by supporting sporting initiatives from grass roots levels to professionals. 

We produce items that meet Australia's ethical standards. We research and oversee all of manufacturing to ensure our products are made Correctly.

Our community and culture is embedded in brick and mortar retailers, we select only the finest and boutique stockists to hold our products and provide international shipping options via our online store.

We look forward to producing more products in the future and we thank all of our customers as you allow us to continue having fun with Correct Wear.

Cam Ferguson & Darcy Langan